March is Women’s History Month!


“We see ourselves better when we see ourselves in someone else.” 

I can’t help but think about the women in my family during ​Women’s History Month.​ I am in awe of ​my female ancestors before me and ​the many women whom I don’t know who are forcing change​, ​the perception of women​,​ and the ability for women to “speak out.” ​ I am in awe of both of my daughters who embody what it means to be a woman in today’s society. They are powerhouses – they speak their mind, they tell the truth, they embrace life and opportunities that come their way, and ​they ​take no prisoners if treated unfairly. Anyone who knows me would say that the apple​s​ don’t fall far from the tree, but I give them credit for becoming who they are​, which is no doubt influenced by the strong women who came before them.​

Despite being brought up in a prudish and ​somewhat ​bigoted household, my mother fought the odds​, became very liberal and open-minded, and ​got her doctorate in Early American History​. ​Although she grew up in the 50s where poodle skirts and milk shakes were the norm, my mother ​knew she wanted more and ​demanded the education and life she wanted​.​ ​S​he already had three children by the time she went to her first year of college​ and ​was most definitely not the typical Leave it to Beaver mom.


I was one of three children. No one was expecting the little sprite who come along and challenged my older brother every ​day. ​I had decided that even though I was two years younger than him, my mantra would be “Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you.” Thank you, Ethel Merman and Annie Get Your Gun. This was ​during a time​ when women were just starting to feel ​more ​empowered, but I ​was too young to ​know where things had been or where things were headed. ​Likely d​ue to my mother’s example, I always felt empowered and simply agreed with the concept because I didn’t know any better.


Then came my daughters and I knew immediately that they would have their own voice and would be powerful women – they are strong-willed, intelligent, passionate about their careers, and very loyal to their loved ones. They don’t need to be told to speak their minds​ – ​they just do. They were never told they couldn’t do anything, or that their opinions didn’t matter. I love seeing their strength and love and seeing the good they bring to the world.


Throughout the month, I’m going to try to post within the theme of Women’s History Month across my social media​ platforms​.  I’ll share some stories of strong women in the New Canaan and Darien areas, potentially including business owners, architects, builders and interior designers. I’ll also highlight elements of houses that may be either traditionally or untraditionally “fem​ale​.”​