Showing Your Home In The Late Winter

Snow at Home 

We’ve had such wacky weather lately – 3 Nor’Easters in 10 days, and another one expected for next week. Say it ain’t so! But even with the snow, sleet, rain, wind and downed trees, I’ve noticed how quickly residents try to clean up, and how much pride people have in their properties.


New Canaan and Darien, Connecticut are known for their beautiful exteriors, well-kept yards, manicured lawns and stone walls. One of the most romantic things one can see is the fresh white snow before anyone has a chance to shovel or plow it.


When you have your house on the market in the midst of this weather, you have to brave all the elements and make the most of what you’ve got, even if it’s mounds of plowed snow. So how does one show a house in the snow?


Here are my top ways to endure the last of winter and still be able to show your house:

  • Keep your walkways and driveway cleared of snow and ice.
  • Be sure to pick up any downed branches as soon as possible – stack them in the corner of your yard if you have to.
  • Try to add some color to the outside – this can be in your winter planters.
  • If something needs to be repaired, don’t hesitate to let a buyer know that you’re aware of it and that it will be done as soon as the weather allows.
  • Think about the buyers and the fact that if they came to your house in what is a more difficult time of year, they’re likely serious buyers. Let them know you appreciate that they’ve come, and offer a thoughtful touch such as a pot of hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and some cookies or tea bread. Simple gestures mean a lot. If you treat a buyer like a guest, they will respect you and your home more.
  • If you’d like visitors to take their shoes off at the door, consider putting a towel near the door with a pair of your own shoes as an example. You can also leave a note asking guests to kindly remove their shoes; say you keep a shoe-free home or that you’re simply trying to keep your house clean.
  • Make sure your agent has all the paperwork available to your buyers and be sure not to become a lazy seller. Every single showing is an important showing whether it’s your 5th showing or your 50th showing.


Now, think spring!