Consider it Done


I was speaking to an appraiser yesterday who used my three favorite words - “Consider it done.” Now of course those words are only as good as the action behind them, but when someone says that, I like to take them at their word, and a sense of peace and accomplishment comes over me.
We’re all running in so many directions, and we consider the term ‘multi-tasking’ as some measure of success. But I ask - Is it? I love getting things done, and I love checking things off my proverbial or literal list, but sometimes I have a hard time prioritizing. What’s more important? Why is it more important? Who is more important? What are the consequences of non-action? What are the benefits of proactive action?
When I prioritize my time, I tend to hold off on projects that will bring me stress. I know I need to change that, and am actively trying to get the things that bring me stress done first. I am also realizing the need to delegate and am continuing to learn where my strengths are, how not to fight them, and how to use them to bring me peace, joy and success.
What are your strengths and do you fully use them to your advantage?