Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has a really special meaning to me. When I was young, my siblings and I rarely bought Mother’s Day gifts, but rather tried to come up with creative and loving gifts for our mother and grandmother. We made our own cards, and made what I’m sure were fairly ugly pieces of sculpture.


When I became a mother fairly young by today’s standards, it just felt right. I remember so vividly being on my bed with my first child, a daughter, in our Manhattan apartment and reveling in her beauty and the sheer force of her nature even at only a couple of months old. She was and is charming, driven, beautiful and I can’t imagine life without her. She is my heart.


My second child, also a daughter, has been my soulmate since birth. There was always something serene and beautiful about her and she has that effect on other people too. As a second and middle child, she didn’t seem to have that middle child syndrome as so many have, including myself. She was always who she was, which is a person people are naturally drawn to and loved by all. She is my soul.


My third child, my only son, brings me joy every day. I still call him “Baby,” and he accepts it. Once as an adult, he had a birthday card from me on his dashboard in his car at college, and it said, “To Daniel My Baby,” and a friend was about to make fun of him, and he said, “That’s from my Mom, and that’s what she calls me, so get over it.” That pretty much sums it up. He is my happiness.


I hope Mother’s Day brings you joy whether you have your children nearby or far away, whether you’re celebrating your own mother, or simply enjoying the day. Happy Mother’s Day to all!