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Rowayton is a delightful New England harbor village in the town of Norwalk, situated on Five Mile River and Long Island Sound. It is rich in history and character and is the address of choice for home buyers seeking a vibrant beach community. Many of its residents work in New York City and commute the 43 miles by train.

The residents of Rowayton actively support many organizations which give the village its robust lifestyle, such as the Civic Association (including its many youth programs), the Rowayton Library, Arts Center, Gardeners Club, Historical Society, Power Squadron and Yacht Club. There is an active artist community, many of whom are associated with the Rowayton Arts Center. It annually hosts a Shakespearean production in Pinkney Park.

Rowayton has a number of beaches including Roton Point, Bayley Beach, and the private beach for the Wee Burn Country Club. The town hosts the annual Bayley Beach Day, including the famous Arthur J. Ladrigan Swim Race. Swimmers have been competing in this one-mile race from Greens Ledge Lighthouse to Bayley Beach since 1935. Other time-honored traditions include an egg toss, tug-of-war, pie-eating contest and a greased watermelon race. It’s a great family-centered event and demonstrates its long-standing value of community.

Travel Times to NYC: Approximately one hour
Population: approximately 4,000
Square Miles: 1.4

The Neighborhood:
Rowayton is an affluent village within Norwalk and is located on the Long Island Sound. It boasts of both community and character. It also offers stunning water views with the Sound to its south and east, the Five Mile River on its west and Farm Creek in its center.


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Public Schools:

Norwalk Public Schools


Private Schools:

Rowayton/Wilson Point


New Canaan











This independent report ranks Rowayton/Wilson Point schools among the highest in the state.

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Locals take advantage of neighboring areas of Norwalk such as the super stores on Route 1 and the trendy area of South Norwalk. Unique shopping experiences are also found in Darien and New Canaan.

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