The Definitive Guide of What to Remove When Selling Your Home

30 Things to Remove When Selling Your Home


Remove the following:

~ All live animals from the house during a showing.

~ Cat or dog hair from all surfaces.

~ Dog or cat toys from the house and yard.

~ Pet smells. It’s possible you’ve become nose-blind.

~ Pet stains from rugs or furniture.

~ Dead or taxidermy animals, tusks, horns or even items made from ivory which might offend buyers.

~ Political books or paraphernalia that indicate your political views. This should not cloud the judgment of someone viewing your house.

~ Mold or mildew smells. Consider investing in an Ion air purifier, odor removers based on the source, and natural odor removing sprays.

~ Excess furniture and storage boxes from all areas.

~ Portable heaters from rooms. You don’t want your buyers to think you need additional spot heating.

~ Dead branches from the yard and any fallen trees.

~ Religious statues or fixtures.

~ Photos of famous or well-known people. You don’t want your buyer to stop looking at the house to look at your photos.

~ Dirty laundry. It’s okay to have dirty laundry neatly stored in storage baskets, as long as it doesn’t stink up the laundry room.

~ Garbage from the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

~ Even the slightest hint of smoke from a cigarette, cigar, pipe or fireplace. Charcoal odor absorbers work great. Never ever smoke in the house if you’re selling it.

~ Strong cooking smells. If you know you have an upcoming showing, try to consider that when preparing meals.

~ Fresh garlic and onions from your countertops because they do make a house smell. Place them in a sealed container. Remove older bananas because they give off a horrible smell and don’t ever leave banana peels in the garbage. Consider having fake lemons on hand, or even better, fresh lemons and oranges which can be cut up and used as a freshener for your garbage disposal system when they become overripe.

~ Old food from your fridge or freezer which can be a huge source of smells in the kitchen.

~ Plungers and toilet cleaning tools from the bathrooms.

~ Anything from the yard, driveway or garage that could be a potential hazard to a buyer, especially to small children. Consider your garden tools, pesticides and where and how they are stored.

~ Dog droppings from the yard. Place litter boxes in the garage or out of the way for a showing and even then, make sure they are clean.

~ Any ratty looking doormats. Invest in fresh doormats for both inside and out. Not only will they look great but they will protect your floors and carpets.

~ Dead lightbulbs. Replace with the highest wattage possible. This is not the time for dimmed lights.

~ Get rid of any dead cars, wheelbarrows, trailers, etc from the driveway if you have them.

~ Any and all medications from drawers and cabinets, especially if you’re having a broker or public open house.

~ Remove and/or properly secure jewelry in a unmovable safe or to a safety deposit box off-site.

~ Silver flatware or small objects if they are in an obvious place, again especially for any public or broker open houses.

~ Small and valuable objects that can easily be picked up or broken by accident.

~ Dead plants or wilting cut flowers. Add fresh flowers if possible, but don’t use any “funereal” type flowers or those with a heavy scent.


Coming soon: Cleaning tools I can’t live without!

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