Property Management, Services and Resources 

Why use me for your property management?

I started to manage properties that my clients owned as a service to them. When you’re an agent, you develop a long lasting relationship with your clients, and with their homes. My clients also know the value of having only one person to call, and to know that the job will be done right the first time. I can manage the property you currently live in full-time or as a snowbird, or manage your rental or vacation property.

Trust & Dedication:

Since we already know each other, or soon will, you will see my dedication to making your life easier. I have a specific time-frame and schedule set up for household needs and home maintenance, and have my resources ready to go. More times than not, these are professionals that I use personally, or who I’ve used for other clients.

 I know your house, sometimes better than you do.

I am very house smart. I’ve attended more inspections than I care to list, take continuing education courses on property management and home maintenance, and find out what I don’t know. I like to be busy and I like caring for houses. If an emergency arises, I know I can handle it efficiently and quickly.

Additional Services

Architectural Plan Review and Construction Oversight:

If you want a second set of eyes to be sure you’re doing the right thing for your home, I can help. Oftentimes owners don’t consider the resale of their property when doing minor to major renovations, and there is much money wasted. I can help you keep current on the trends and where you should be spending your money.

Design Services:

In addition to home maintenance, I work closely with several incredible local designers who can help with choosing the accessories for one room, to fully furnishing large, empty estates. 

Staging Services:

I work with several phenomenal stagers who can transform your home for a quicker sale. I am a huge fan of staging and know that for every dollar you invest in the staging process, it will give you a great return on your investment.


I love my organizers. They share my need for order and for helping clients live a cleaner and more time efficient life. Whatever your need, I have the person.

Elder Care:

I have had the privilege of helping many elders move and have a true affection for those with stories to tell. I can help you or a loved one with every aspect of the clean-out, organizing, estate sales, and anything else that is needed to help an older person move.


The cost for each service will depend on the overall job. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Work With Rachel

With 25 years of experience, Rachel's expertise is based on local knowledge, honesty, loyalty, her impeccable client service and attention to details.