6-Point Checklist to Follow Before Listing Your New Canaan Home

6-Point Checklist to Follow Before Listing Your New Canaan Home

  • Rachel Walsh
  • 04/4/23

When you are getting ready to put your home on the market, there are a variety of things you should do to set yourself up for success. There are things that you can do to prepare before you find a real estate agent, and others can be done with your realtor’s assistance. This easy checklist will ensure that your home will be one of the best listings on the market.

Declutter and depersonalize

One of the most important steps when preparing to list your home is to declutter and depersonalize your space. Not only will this make it easier to move out when the time comes, but it will allow prospective buyers to imagine their own families in the home without thinking of it belonging to someone else.

Some starting points when decluttering are to leave surface areas and bookshelves sparse, pack up kitchen and bathroom items that are scarcely used, remove out-of-season clothing from the closets, and put away extra furniture to show off the size of the rooms. As for depersonalizing, the main things to focus on packing away are family photos, children's artwork, trophies and awards, and any other personal items on display.

Decluttering and depersonalizing help prospective buyers view the property through a fresh set of eyes and make them see a home that is showroom ready instead of someone else's family space. When buyers are searching for homes for sale in New Canaan, they want to be able to imagine their own family memories being created in those homes. If they can easily do that, they are more likely to want to put in an offer. 

Make any necessary repairs

The repairs you make throughout the home do not need to be big and can instead be small, subtle things that end up making a big difference to prospective buyers. If your walls are not already a light neutral color, consider repainting in order to make the property more of a blank slate. Additionally, see if there are any scuff marks on the walls or baseboards that can be touched up.

Another small repair that can make a significant difference to buyers is fixing any loose handles in the home. It is a small thing that we, as homeowners, may not notice as much, but it could make a nervous buyer overthink the property. When prospective buyers walk into the home for the first time, we want them to see the beauty and potential in the space, not look for things that they do not like. Making these small repairs ensures that when buyers are walking through showings and open houses, all they will be able to find are all the reasons to fall in love with the space.

Consider the curb appeal

Similarly to making repairs, sprucing up the curb appeal of your property does not have to be a big project. It can be simply planting new flowers, putting down fresh mulch, replacing the shutters, or repainting the front door. The front of your property will be the first thing that prospective buyers see, both online and in-person. As the saying goes, first impressions do matter. Having a fresh, inviting scene will beckon buyers inside and can get people in the door who otherwise may not have given the property a chance.

Interview real estate agents

Working with the right real estate agent is key to having a successful transaction. Not only will a real estate agent be able to assist you using all of the expertise that they have gained over the years, but you will have access to all of their professional connections. Selling your New Canaan real estate can be a sometimes overwhelming experience, which is why it is so important to have the right realtor by your side.

During the interview process, feel free to ask your real estate agent what they will be able to do for you and your property that will get you the best results. You will also be able to ask them how they will go about pricing your home, which connections in the real estate industry they have, and what they will do to ensure you have as smooth of a transaction as possible.

Staging and photography

If you are not currently occupying your home and have moved all of your belongings out already, your real estate agent may suggest hiring a home stager to come in and decorate the space in a way that would appeal to an average buyer. For example, basic neutral pieces and decor will convey a fresh elegance that still allows the home to appear like a blank slate.

Next, your real estate agent will schedule professional photos to be taken of the property, allowing them to have all the necessary components to put your home onto the Multiple Listing Service. Once it is listed, all of the other real estate agents in the area will be able to see that your home is on the market and pass that information along to their own clients.

Set expectations

Selling your home is an exciting next step in your life, and it is natural to feel eager to have the transaction complete as quickly as possible. Be sure to talk with your realtor about what the timeline will actually look like in order to set reasonable expectations. Real estate can be an unpredictable industry, but your real estate agent will work hard to ensure the process is as effortless as can be.

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